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On this page you can find latest unregistered shareware versions of different Active-X controls and corresponding sample applications. All controls are freely distributable, royalty free, never expiring, full functional versions. Good luck!
Some words about the author. bb is coming from my name initials: Bela Bodecs. I am a 40 years old hungarian man, who tries to write active-x controls to make programmers' life easier. If You had any question about controls or comments including this site, please feel free to email me to: bodecsb@bbcontrols.com or call me in bussiness hours at +36-30-9-912-050 (GMT+1h)
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Online registration is available!
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bbListView is out now!     Some of its features:
  • You can use more than one picture (but less than ten) in the same listitem via the pictureindexes() array property of listitem object.
  • Now you can obtain the actual theoretical metrics of each listitem by Width, Heigth, TextWidth and TextHeight read-only properties of ListItem object.
  • Setting of Width property of column object to -1, set the width of the column to the widest item. There are two corresponding new properties: IndexOfWidestItem and WidthOfWidestItem. Both of them are read-only.
  • SendEachKeyEventToContainer property makes easier to taylor the keypress handling of bbListView to your own programming enviroment.
  • HotTracking property of header items makes bbListView more fancy. A new property of ColumnHeader SelectedForeColor decribes the highlighted header item text color.
  • A new event OnItemFound makes easier to create lookup lists. This event is fired when bbListView finds corresponding item that match with the last key presses.
  • Another new event OnColumnMoveBegin helps you to enable/disable dinamically columns movements, when user starts to drag a column to a new place.
  • A new method of column object TextToRowIndexExt( ) supports different style of item seeking.
  • Full OLE drag and drop support. New event, method and property set: OnOLEDragOver, OnOLEDragStart, OnOLEDrop, DropTarget, ClearDropTarget OLEDataObject object, OLEDragStarted property and HitTestForOLE method.
  • Row sorting on ItemData value. So it is possible to sort naturally on non-ANSI date, time values. (SortSource property of Column object.)
  • A new IncrementalSearchLastKeys property makes it possible to have more control over incremental search behaviour.
  • OnSetCursorStyle event and RefreshCursorStyle method gives more freedom to integrate bbListView into your programming enviroment
How to get a registered copy of bbListView for free?
How to register a control :
Each bbControl Active-X component is a Shareware software. You can use and distribute it with your applications freely. The applications built with these controls will work without any time restriction. And they provide you the full functionality. (But unregistered versions sometimes shows a tiny tooltip about the author when mouse is staying over the control.)
There are two registration options to choose: basic and full. Basic registration is free. The full registered version of any control willnot show any information about the author.
What you get for full registration: you will get a registration number and a registered version by email. And after each type of registration you will get new versions of registered control, continouosly.
All application that you have built with unregistered versions will work with the registered versions. So you can test it throughfully with your app and when it is fit for you -, or you sell your first copy of your app, REGISTER it!
So, don't hesitate email me to: bodecsb@bbcontrols.com to register any of the controls.
Currently accepted paying methods:
  • Since 8 of May in 2000, online registration and paying is available via RegNOW!
    Click the appropiate link below and follow the instructions and within seconds you get a link where you can download your registered copy from!
        To register bbListView click here!
        To register bbGetDir click here!
        To register bbFolderTree click here!
        To register bbScheduler click here!
        To register bbPicture click here!
        To register bbURLlink click here!
  • Put the cache into an envelope, and send it to my address:
      Name: Bela Bodecs
      City:  Budapest
      Country: Hungary
      ZIP code: 1464
      P.O.box:  pf 1550
    Alternatively, you can send American Express Travellers or Gift check payable to my name)
    Most user have choosen this one.
  • There is other paying method than sending cach in envelope: Western Union. It is very fast and of course, secure. Go into any Western Union agency, most of the banks are agent of them: You can see it on www.westernunion.com site under agent location tab), and pay the money for my name and address. They will ask you to say a password question and answer, that they will want me to say, when I will take up the money. (In the same minute I am able to take up the money in any WU agency in the world.)
    After this, write me an email about it, send me the question and answer and ID number, and that who payed in the money.Then, on the same hour, I take the money and send you the registered copy.
  • And you can send the money via post transfer to the above address.
  • You can transfer the money from your bank account into my one:
    The internationally available account number is:
    (This is an international format of my special account number and tells many info to a bank person. This is a pay-in-only account!)
    Bank name:  OTP Bank, Hungary
    Please inform me when you have sent the money. Please allow 14 days for getting this.
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